Wafer Thin Screens

Samsung OLED Screen


Samsung is preparing to launch wafer-thin screens, the latest technology in display today. The increase of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens seems unstoppable at the moment – given the hype of the screens Samsung were showing off at Los Angeles recently. OLED screens offer high-resolutions, super thin sizes and economical in the way they don’t consume much power. This makes it a perfect option for laptop users.

Wafer-Thin screens

Samsungs prototype – which the company’s LCD division put together – was a 12.1” matrix OLED screen with a resolution of 1280×768 (pretty big for a 12.1” screen).

Samsung claims that they will be shipping monitors and laptops with this technology in 2009. It’s not just Samsung though, Toshiba have also confirmed plans to ship OLED laptops in 2010.

However there are doubts about this technology, particularly the life-span of the screens. OLED researchers say that the screens will last for around 17,000 hrs and will fade over time. Sony on the other hand, says that that their screen, the XEL-1 (similar to Samsung’s) lasts for 30,000 hours.

Samsung OLED Screen

So are these wafer thin screens really worth it? Well £1250 is the price you should expect to pay for Sony’s 12.1” screen (XEL-1) which lasts for only 30,000 hours.