Do Mouse Grips Work?

Mouse grips are always an added bonus when using your computer, whether it’s to help improve your accuracy whilst playing PC Games, help work effectively or just improve general computer comfort. The PCXMODS Grips seem to be a very good addition to any mouse. I tested them using a Logitech V220 mouse, Battlefield 2 and a couple of online games.

grips1 Do Mouse Grips Work?

grips2 Do Mouse Grips Work?

During game play (BF2) I could see a slight improvement in my playing and accuracy because the grips do help you to grip your mouse more which reduces slipping and accidental movements during gaming.

grips3 Do Mouse Grips Work?

Also, because of the texture of the grips, a lot of friction is produced so even if it’s been a hot summer’s day and you fancy a quick game of COD4 or BF2, sweaty hands are not a problem for these grips. Overall they improve your accuracy and mouse skills significantly more than a mouse without any grips.