NVIDIA CEO sees massive growth in mobile processing.

NVIDIA’S chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang has been talking about his companies short and long term financial outlook, he provided some insight into the quad core future. NVIDIA expects to bring in around $4.7 and $5billion in revenue during 2013, with a lot of revenue from its mobile chip unit projected to tenfold by 2015 up to a giant $20 billion. Huang also expects Android tablets to run a full 50% of the market in the near future, claiming that the Tegra chips can currently be found in 70% percent of all slates running Google OS and around half of all Android running smart-phones.

While at the moment NVIDIA is actually developing its quad-core mobile processors which according to the exec should appear in tablets later this year although quad-core smart-phones will most likely be next year. At this moment Huang is very comfortable with NVIDIA’S position in the mobile processing world targeting only Qualcomm as competition.