Spotify integration brings music to Facebook

The Facebook f8 conference has unveiled a variety of new features, with some being launched a few weeks ago and some being launched in the very near future.

One of those features is deep Spotify integration into the new Facebook design.

The Spotify integration would enable a user to see that one of his/her friends is listening to a certain song, depending on privacy settings, and then they’d be a button to allow you to listen to that song within the confines of the site, so you’ll never have to leave Facebook again. (Just when you thought you’d try venturing outside for some fresh air…)

The new ‘ticker’ feature also allows you to watch movies and read entire articles without leaving the site.

Now, I’m an avid music fan and I’m always on the lookout for new bands to have a listen to, so I’m definitely going to be making good use of the new Spotify integration once it arrives.

Hopefully, the Spotify feature within Facebook will be free to use and won’t contain any ads before it plays a song. Or perhaps a system that checks to see whether you have a premium Spotify account will be put into place? That would be interesting to see.

What are your thoughts on all of these changes? Are you going to be embracing them or abandoning Facebook all together?

  • Ben Wallis

    Spotify is crap. I just use (or YouTube) if I want to share a song.

  • techreviews1

    Given the fact that Spotify enables you to play and store offline as much music as you want for £9.99 per month (or £5 per month if you don’t care for storing songs offline), I wouldn’t deem it “crap” as you so bluntly put it. With applications for both iOS and Android, you can pretty much replace your entire music collection for £9.99 per month and take it with you wherever you go. I’d like to see you replace your entire music collection by downloading songs off of Youtube, making sure the audio quality matches the 320Kbps that Spotify’s paid service streams at. Not a bad deal at all really when you think about it…