Concept office building is covered in digital billboards

With information and advertising always surrounding us, why not add to that with a whole building covered in advertisements? Architects 00:/ and Space Station have put together plans for a multi-floor office building mounted on top of Old Street roundabout, London, that would sport advertising for a whole range of companies on its exterior.

The inside fo the offices would be very modern, complete with movable walls. The lower level, which would be above the tube station, will also include market stalls, cafes and other facilities. Space Station and 00:/ say “It should be something like a cross between Trafalgar Square and Grand Central Terminal in New York.”

The exterior would feature giant digitial panels to display the advertisements that would be available to rent on a per-pixel, per-minute basis by other companies, just like the Million Dollar Homepage.

Both agencies said that, “By selling the fa├žade per pixel, per minute, the building creates a system which allows small, local companies, and individuals to use it, alongside the big global players.”

Whilst this all sounds very interesting, it is still a concept so for the moment, we’re still stuck with a plain old roundabout.

What are your thoughts on this? Would it be good for local business’? Let us know in the comments section below.