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Nov 14

Quick Review of PokerStars Mobile

Published in Gaming News, News | Written by Rhys

Pokerstars has now launched a free mobile app version of their game so now you can play using your Android or Apple device wherever you are – Poker on the go!

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Nov 09
Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 14.53.54

Megan Fox Presenting the S7 Ultrabook

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

Acer has just launched a new laptop called the Aspire S7 Ultrabook. It’s got a light-sensitive backlit keyboard, HD touchscreen and twinair cooling and is very comfortable to hold. Watch Megan Fox presenting it.

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Nov 06

The best Windows 8 touchscreen Ultrabooks

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

The launch of Windows 8 from Microsoft is its first foray into the world of touch-friendly operating systems. As such, many of the big computer manufacturers have jumped onto the touchscreen bandwagon by launching a series of touchscreen Ultrabooks to coincide with the new platforms release. Below you will find five of the best. Dell XPS 12 Dell were […]

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Nov 05

What’s the new iphone like?

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

If you are going from an iPhone 4S to the new iPhone, you may not appreciate the phone as much. If you are new to Apple, however, this is a great phone with a number of useful features that keep it competitive in today’s market. The 4 inch screen is not as big as others […]

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Oct 25

iPhone 5 – is it worth the upgrade?

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

Since the iPhone 5 hit the shops in September, millions have been clamouring for the handset billed by Apple as ‘the most beautiful product we have ever made, bar none.’ But is Apple’s latest offering worth ditching your iPhone 4S for?

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Oct 10

HP’s New Ultrabooks Released

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

HP has recently launched the Envy Ultrabook. This new laptop comes in an eye-catching metal design and is only 19.8mm thin. But don’t be misled by the size, as this Ultrabook packs some serious punch. Featuring ‘Beats Audio’, made famous for their headphones by Dr Dre, this laptop utilizes a built in subwoofer and dual […]

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Oct 01

BT – Story Of The London’s Games

Published in News, Other News | Written by Rhys

The 2012 Summer Olympics was a spectacular event that required a lot of manpower and organisation to ensure it went down as smoothly as possible. In honour of all the hard work, BT has created a video to showcase the story of the Olympics Games. Here you can see just how much work really went […]

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Sep 26

Google Breaks into Japan Tablet Market with Nexus 7

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

Google has got a head start over Amazon, one of its main tablet rivals, in the race to capture the Japanese tablet market. Chairman and former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt was in Tokyo for the country’s Nexus 7 tablet launch on Tuesday 25 September to speak at a special event to mark the occasion. […]

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Sep 10

Spotify to launch browser-based version

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Matt

As most of you will know, Spotify has grown a phenomenal amount over the past few years. To the point where it’s competing with the likes of Pandora and Rdio. Well, news that Spotify will be launching a browser-based version of their extremely popular service is sure to please many users.

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Aug 28

Best business phone solutions

Published in News, Technology News | Written by Rhys

If you’re looking for a business phone, finding the right handset can be tiring. There are so many competing products, all with unique features. Finding the best handset is down to what software you are used to using or have implemented through your business. Here are our top picks for business phone solutions. Blackberry Curve       […]

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Which Apple iPad should you choose?

Which Apple iPad should you choose?

If you’re looking to purchase an Apple iPad, there are a few things you need to consider. Are you going to really notice the Retina Display, use the upgraded 5-megapixel camera or use the new 4G connectivity? If you answered no to any of those, then you might want to take a look at this guide on choosing the right iPad.

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How to replace cracked iPhone 3GS screen

So you’ve just been to a party and woken up with a throbbing hangover to find your iPhone screen is cracked. Familiar story? It’s happened to me, too many times! Fret not though, it’s really easy to replace a cracked iPhone screen and can be done for a just a fiver!

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Feb 22

Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD6 motherboard @ APH Networks

“Intel’s Lynnfield based Core i5 and Core i7 processors are implemented on quite an interesting platform. Although AMD has used integrated memory controllers on their processors for years, it wasn’t until recently that Intel started implementing such controllers to replace their legacy Front Side Bus design on their budget Nehalem products. But Intel did not […]

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Mar 13

Assassin’s Creed II (PC) Review @ TweakPC

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Sep 27

Facebook iPad app has been ready for months

As most of you iPad users will know, using Facebook on the iPad absolutely sucks. Using either the iPhone version or using the mobile version in Safari, neither are capable of delivering the experience needed for such as large device.

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Feb 19

Windows browser choice screen coming in March

Microsoft has recently agreed with the Europeon Commission over allegations of anti-competitive behaviour and as a result is rolling out an update whereby users with Internet Explorer set as their default browser will be faced with a screen prompting them to select a browser.

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