10 Trends which are going to Decide the Future of Gaming


Gaming is getting better day by day, and enjoying the revolution of the industry you need to be in the know. Everyone who enjoys online games should understand the current trends of the gaming industry. One area that can’t be ignored when it comes to playing the latest games in any online casino or video gaming sites like Jackpot Fruity is the application of virtual reality in most modern games. It’s a technology that will significantly change online gaming in a great way. The following are some of the ways that the changes and innovations will shortly change that way people play games.


  1. Online Casino Virtual Reality with Friends


VR isn’t isolating, and that is what proponents of the technology want to preach as they fight back critics of this lovely innovation. According to an independent VR developer, Dave Ranyard, the future of VR will be more social than isolating. It will be as simple as being moved to another virtual place to enjoy a gaming activity with your friends.


  1. Physically Collaborative Games


From virtual reality, the change in technology brings us Augmented Reality (AR), where your device enables you to have control over your physical environment. A good example is the Pokemon Go game that was recently the talk of the town regarding the latest gaming technology.


It’s a computer vision algorithm that is recognition-based, which enables you to work with sensor-based inputs and augment video, sound and graphics on objects in your environment through the camera of your mobile device and a good online casino like Jackpot Fruity.


  1. Incremental Console Updates


Every version of a gaming device comes with its improved features in its release. For instance, the devices are getting slimmer but with more capacity to hold and run videos and games that are of top quality. The issue is that technology revolution will force developers to work hard and keep abreast with the changes. Updates help the devices to work perfectly in every updated technology.


  1. Mobile for TV Content


If you do a good research, you will note that the number of households with only one TV set is increasing. One major reason for that is that with the modern smartphones that can access TV content and online games, people don’t need those sets any more in their bedrooms. The devices come with a large and comfortable screen to access content comfortably.


  1. Something for Challenged People


People with physical or mental challenges also want to enjoy games. Games software and device developers such as Xbox have taken this into consideration and included features that can map controls of a game on a single controller to make it easy for access. Ninja Theory, on the other hand, partnered with neuroscientists to come up with gaming solutions for people affected by psychosis. The result was the game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.


  1. Messaging Incorporation


Some consoles have social sharing modules that are built-in. Players don’t need to leave a game to chat with their friends. It also acts as a channel for advertisements where players type post self-generating messages on social media platforms.


  1. Players and Creators


Players will be contributing to the development of the games too. Modding has been with us for long in PC gaming. The same is being extended to consoles where players can alter the games to make them behave as they want.


  1. Considering Silver Game Players


These are people who will want to continue playing beyond retirement age or those that are trying video games in that old age. Through eudaemonics which is the theory of happiness, games will be developed that have implied the presence of other people. The developments are working in helping to reduce boredom.


  1. Troll Management


The influx of responses from consumers as well as haters at times derails developers. Games development in future will only allow helpful feedback from its targeted audience as well as others who may not mean well in their responses.


  1. Platform Dance


Is the switching from one platform to the other in a bid for a developer to get favourable feedback and returns? The trend is caused by user acquisition cost, discoverability and affordability. Some mobile games on Jackpot Fruity are easily accessible and affordable, and the change in platforms will lead developers to where they can make the greatest impact.