Mobile Phenom II release in June 2010

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If there are no problems, it’s expected that AMD will have the Phenom II Black edition quad-core CPU ready for its launch date of June 2010. The first EVT samples should show up in January 2010 and mass production should be well under way by March, with the official introduction taking place in June 2010.

The Phenom II Black Edition dual-cores will also follow the same manafacture and release schedule as well as some low power desktop components, which suggests that AMD has revised the K10.5 core.

Our sources indicate that the quad-core processors should have a TDP of 45w, or even less but this all comes down to the model and frequency. However we currently have no information on the clock speeds of the new processors. 

AMD are revising their line up in September to inclide a tweaked Athlon K8 core, but if you’re holding on until K10.5, 45nm dual and quad cores, you’ll have to wait until June 2010.