3 of the Best Portable Chargers

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Portable chargers can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. They’re pretty handy when you need to contact friends and family but don’t have enough charge on your phone, too. Here are 3 of the best portable chargers available on the market.

Anker Powercore 10000

The Anker Powercore is one of the smallest chargers on the market, making it perfect for charging your mobile tablet or smartphone when you’re on the go. The charger supports a wide range of different mobile phone brands and can fit inside a bag when you’re travelling, so you can always power your device wherever you are in the world. You can order portable chargers like this from UK catalogue brands, too. Why not order a charger and spread the cost of your payments over time so you can budget more effectively? You can make repayments in a number of different ways, including over the phone and by logging into your personal account online, and you should receive an instant decision about the status of your application when you open a new new credit account.

Poweradd Slim2 5000mah

The Powerad Slim2 has a long, cylinder-like design but is small enough for you carry wherever you go. This portable charger is perfect if you suddenly run out of charge when you’re away from home. It’s really easy to use, too. Just connect it your smartphone or tablet for a quick charge that will let you communicate with friends and family, listen to your favourite tracks, watch videos or play games. This charger is durable, long lasting and has a contemporary design. You can take it anywhere with you and it makes a great travel accessory. When you order a new portable charger like this from a UK catalogue, you have a wide range of delivery options to choose from. Some retailers let you pick up your product from your nearest store. Others will deliver your portable charger via same day or next day delivery, perfect if you need this product in a rush.

Anker Astro E1 5200mah
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This ultra compact portable charger has a striking black design and is compatible with a wide range of different phone models. It works with Apple and Android devices and can be packed into a bag when you’re on a long car or train journey. With this portable charger, you don’t need access to a power supply, so you can effectively charge your mobile phone or tablet when you’re out and about. Perhaps you need to charge your device when you’re on the beach? Maybe you want to power your phone when you’re on a long walk in the countryside? Whatever the situation, the Anker Astro E1 provides you with great value for money. You can order a portable charger like this from a UK catalogue company and save money when you use a promotion code. You could make a saving on the total cost of your order or on the cost of delivery. Signing up to a retailer’s mailing list or following their social media accounts is a great idea if you want to be the first to access the latest promotion codes and offers.