5 Reasons Online Games Have Become So Popular


We often work long hours, so most of us need something to help us relax in our spare time. In days gone by, we might have switched on the TV or read a book. These days, we are far more likely to go online and chat to friends, catch up on the news, or play online games.

The average gamer is 35 and they have been playing online games for 13 years. Men tend to be more into online gaming, but older women play more online games than younger men. Most people play online games for fun and social gaming is extremely popular. 40% of people play with a friend and only 15% play with a spouse. Online gaming is huge, so here are five reasons why online games have taken off in the last ten years.

Choice of Games

Choice is a huge factor in the rise of online gaming. There was a time when players had a very limited choice in what they played. Games were restricted to games consoles, so if you couldn’t afford to buy a console, you were stuck. These days, there are so many games that we are quite literally spoiled for choice. Console games are still popular, but people are increasingly playing online games via their computer or using an app on their smartphone.


You can play online games from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. This means you can level up on your favourite game while sitting on the train on a Friday night, or play a game of bingo while sitting in a pub. You can even play live table games online at Super Casino on a date if you’re truly bored, although we don’t recommend it if you want a second date!

Social Gaming

The great thing about online gaming is that you can make new friends via your chosen gaming platform. Most online game platforms and casinos have social functions, from in-game chat to forums where gamers post threads and chat. Gaming is no longer a solitary activity played in a bedroom, although people do still play that way. These days, you are more likely to make friends via your favourite gaming platform than you are in real life.

Skill-Based Challenges

Online games are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The days of Sonic the Hedgehog are long gone, although you can still find retro games online if you look. Modern MMORPGs are set in complex virtual worlds and it takes real skill to level up and complete the various quests and challenges. This is a big lure for keen gamers.

Game Quality

Following on from the last point, online games are now better than ever. Games developers are continually trying to up the ante on game releases, as modern gamers are extremely discerning and expect new games to be better than their predecessors.

Online gaming is likely to continue to grow in popularity as developing countries develop their internet infrastructure and technology improves.