50 percent of Xbox 360s breakdown

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A survey put together by Game Informer shows that over half of Xbox 360s are killed off by the red ring of death. The survey, which polled 5000 readers shows that the failure rate of Xbox 360s had climbed to a dismal 54.2%. The same survey showed that the failure rate of the Playstation 3 was 10% and the Wii had a failure rate of just 6.8%.

The survey holds more bad news for Xbox 360 owners, apparently even after being repaired, 41.2% of the consoles had to be returned to be fixed again. Compare that to 14.7% for the PS3 and 6.8% for the Wii.

Although perhaps the reason for the Wii’s low failure rate is the fact that 41.4% of Wii owners in the survey said that they played the Wii for less than an hour a day, where as the majority of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners said that that played the console for around 3-5 hours a day.

Although this survey can’t be taken as 100% accurate, it’s still very worrying that the Xbox 360 has such a high failure rate.