Android Pay to arrive within the next month

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McDonalds seem to be trend-setters when it comes to offering the latest tech services to its customers with the likes of free Wi-Fi and bringing in Apple Pay as an alternative way to pay. The only option missing here is Android Pay which, despite apparently not launching until the end of the year, is reportedly set to appear in McDonalds restaurants within the next month.

The news of the early launch was backed up by reports from various sources, including a McDonald’s employee, with a staff memo being where this news seems to have originated from.

The staff notice reports that Android Pay will be launching on August 26th in the US, with a European launch expected shortly after.

Samsung Pay should also be launched very soon, with the service debuting in South Korea on August 20th, the US on September 28th and the UK, Spain and China soon after.

Google have been relatively secretive regarding Android Pay, and since its release in May there really hasn’t been any news or information on a launch date. A plus with the Android Pay service is that your old Android device will most likely be compatible as well, unlike Apple Pay which requires one of the latest iDevices to work. Hopefully the sources within McDonalds are correct and we’ll soon have another way of paying for goods and services.

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Source: T3