App Store downloads top 140 billion

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The Apple App Store launched just over 8 years ago, and now has over 2 million applications available to download (a slight increase on the original 500 applications).


Tim Cook, today, reported that the App Store has now surpassed over 140 billion downloads, which is monumental when you think about it considering that just 5 years ago that figure was a measly 15 billion.


It’s not surprising that the App Store has also seen a 106% year-over-year growth over the past few months either, considering the likes of Pokémon Go being downloaded more than 500 million times since its release just two months ago! There’s also some exciting news for you Pokémon Go & Apple Watch fans, which you can check out here.


Tim Cook also added, whilst talking about the app store, that it “has seen two times as much revenue as our closest competitor.”


We reckon that revenue is set to increase quite a bit more following the news that Nintendo’s Super Mario will be making its way on to iOS later this year. The title, “Super Mario Run“, is very much the classic that has been played for years, but with a few slight twists and modernisations. It’s definitely set to be a best seller when it’s released.