Apple iPhone 4S only costs £130 to make

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Now, we all know that Apple products are expensive, there’s no denying it. Experts are now saying that it only costs £130 to make though, meaning that Apple make a whopping £369 (atleast) on every handset sold!

This news comes after a new report, published by iSuppli, claimed that the 16GB iPhone 4S only costs Apple £130 to manufacture. This means that Apple making a cool profit of £369 on the 16GB version.

That £130 is made up of two sections; £120 for components and £10 for manufacturing expenses.

Now, as a fan of Apple products myself, I know that this news is sure to annoy devoted Apple fans. However, with the iPhone as popular as it is, they could probably whack another £100 on top of the current price and people would still be willing to pay it.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Apple be making this much profit off each customer? Let us know in the comments section below.