Apple iPhone 5 4th October Event Confirmed By More Sources

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The Apple iPhone 5 October 4th event, that we reported about the other day, is looking more and more definite as we get closer to the supposed event date.

All Things D, previously reported that there was going to be a 4th October Apple event happening, and now, new sources have backed these claims made by John Paczkowski from All Things D.

Jim Dalrymple from The Loop, reported about the iPhone 5 event by simply posting “Yep” in response to Paczkowskis report.

As well as this, former US Vice-President and Apple board member also confirmed late last night that there would be “new iPhones” outed next month. This is the first time that a senior Apple executive has confirmed a rumour, so all hell is most likely going to break out among Apple fans. You might have noticed that he also said, “iPhones”; plural, so we may actually be receiving an upgraded iPhone 4 (4S) as well as a completely redesigned iPhone, the iPhone 5.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you happy about the possibility of two different iPhone models being released?

Also, for all you loyal readers, and new ones of course! We’ll have an unboxing, review and be getting down and dirty with the iPhone 5 on the day it is released here in the UK, so stay tuned for more news and exciting reviews in the mean time!