Apple iPod has its 10th Birthday

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It’s amazing how one little device can change the world so drastically, but that’s what the first Apple iPod did just a little over 10 years ago.

It definitely wasn’t the first MP3 player on the market, but Apple obviously did something right because if you ask a teenage born in the 1990’s to name an MP3 player, they’ll say “the iPod”.

Some of you may not know that when the late Steve Jobs was given the iPod prototype, he told his engineers that the project was too big.

They told him that the iPod was the smallest it could possibly be, but he took the device from them and dropped it in a fish tank. He pointed to the bubbles and told the engineers that if there was air in it there was space in it as well. He ordered them to “make it smaller.”

The original iPod has an impressive 10-hour battery life, as well as the ability to store 1000 songs.

It was the iPod that pushed Apple to introduce iTunes, originally a program for Macs. It’s been implemented into our world so deeply, I don’t think I could even begin to imagine what the technology and music world would be like without iTunes.