Apple iPod Touch 5 Specs – What to expect

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With Apple having already released new MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPad 2 and OSX Lion this year, 2011. Everyone seems to have forgotton about the much loved iPod Touch! However, various leaks and rumours have popped up over the last few months, and here’s what we know so far about the Apple iPod Touch 5 specs.

Apple iPod Touch 5

Thanks to iOS 5 and the dedicated developers digging around inside its code, we’ve discovered a whole variety of little hints about the iPod Touch 5.

Code was discovered whilst the iFans Forum user, Shamrock, was looking around iOS 5 beta 1 on the iPod Touch 4. The code he found was:

<string>iPod 4,1</string>
<string>iPod 4,2</string>

This suggests that a model might be on its way.

iPod Touch 5 pictures

After a few pictures were leaked of what appeared to be parts of a white iPod Touch, people jumped to the conclusion that a white iPod Touch was going to be released. Even though this could still be the case, this part could have been part of last years iPod Touch that never made it to launch or perhaps this years iPod Touch upgrade will only be hardware based instead of a complete redesign.

The images were courtesy of 9to5mac, a highly legitimate source for all things Apple related. They revealed that Apple will release the new iPod Touch 5 in white for the first time, this year.

Apple iPod Touch 5 3G and GPS support

An interesting feature that keeps popping up is the high possibility of the new Apple iPod Touch 5 having 3G capabilities so it can make more use of iOS 5s new features. These rumours came to light after iOS 5 beta 4 was released, which pointed to 3G data connectivity being implemented into the iPod Touch 5. The 3G function, as seen in iOS 5, would be a toggle that allows the user to switch from Wi-Fi to a cellular network.

The inclusion of 3G would make iOS 5 features such as iMessage usable whilst out and about, rather than just at home on your personal Wi-Fi connection.

I think the main reason why I’d bet money that the Apple iPod Touch 5 will feature 3G capabilities, is because Apple actually released an image on its iPod Touch page, which featured the homescreen of an iPod Touch with a 3G logo in the corner. This image was taken down pretty much straight away and could possibly be an error, but it’s too much of a coincidence due to the findings inside iOS 5 as well.

Thanks to screenshots taken from iOS 5 beta 4, GPS has also been hinted at in the next iPod Touch.

Apple iPod Touch 5 OTA updates

Now, iOS 5 has proven to be quite a hit amongst developers. With features such as Wi-Fi sync, OTA updates and message, who wouldn’t be excited?! Obviously, OTA updates will definitely be featured on the iPhone 5 when it’s released, but people aren’t too sure whether this feature will be available on the upcoming Apple iPod Touch 5.

If the feature isn’t present, Apple would have missed a massive opportunity to link the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad together even more. Mainly because for Android users, this is common practive now so I highly doubt that the iPod Touch 5 won’t be capable of over the air updates.

Apple iPod Touch release date

Now, if we take into consideration previous Apple iPod Touch releases, you’d expect it to be coming out sometime before Christmas. However, Apple seem to have drastically altered their yearly procedures regarding iPhones and the iPod Touch. Whereas the iPhone was normally released in June/July and the iPod Touch around November, neither have been announced, nor confirmed by Apple, which for Apple fans around the world, is starting to take its toll on their patience.

If you look at it one way, hopefully this long wait will mean something spectacular will be released, both on the iPhone and iPod Touch front. If neither is spectacular, I see a huge backlash in angry customers (not that it would damage sales if both products weren’t up to the high standard set by other smartphones and tablets).

What are your thoughts on the unannounced, unreleased Apple iPod Touch 5? Will it feature all of this and more? or will it just be receiving a slight makeover?

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