Apple Planning To Take Over The World With iMessage?

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We’ve known about iMessage for a few months now after the announcement at this years WWDC, but not many have had the chance to try it out for themselves yet and will have to wait until iOS 5 is released sometime in October, we predict. However, it’s been revealed that Apple may also be planning to launch iMessage on Mac OS X aswell.

The, “BBM Killer”, is apparently going to be built into OS X after an Apple developer found code within the new iChat for Mac OS X that features the same ‘time delivered’ and ‘time read’ notifications that Apple have promised to bring to iMessage.

If iMessage does end up being integrated into iChat then I can imagine a whole new way of communicating with friends, colleages and family (as long as they have an iDevice or a Mac that is). And obviously, this service is free of charge as Apple stated at WWDC; something that probably hasn’t gone down too well with network providers.

Although Blackberrys messaging service, BBM, is very popular among Blackberry users; there is no doubt that iMessage is going to have a serious impact with iMessage sporting a slicker interface and the ability to communicate with other iDevices and possibly other Macs.

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