Apple Rumors: What the iPhone 9 Might Be Like


Apple has revealed its brand new iPhone 8, along with the anniversary iPhone X, a few weeks ago – some of those who ordered the devices might have not even had the chance to lay their hands on them – but rumors about a successor are already circulating online. And this is not a surprise, given the pretty lengthy development cycle of smartphones. If Apple maintains its usual release schedule – new devices presented in early fall and released in time for the holiday shopping season – we are most likely meet the new iPhone as early as September 2018. While it’s a bit too early to serve with information about the upcoming handset aside from the fact that it will run iPhone casinos as great – or even better – than the current models, there are a few things that are either rumored or safe to speculate. So, let us take a look at them below.


This year, Apple has broken its almost decade-long tradition of naming its handsets. Instead of launching an iPhone 7s this year, it has released the iPhone 8, along with its 10th Anniversary model, the iPhone X. It remains to be seen if this change is permanent – I guess, we’ll have to wait until the official announcement and see.

Right now, it is unlikely for Apple to launch an iPhone XI (Roman eleven) because it has no reason to do so. It depends on their decision alone whether they’ll choose to name their upcoming model the iPhone 9 or the iPhone 8s.


Apple kept its iPhone small(ish) even when its competitors have been constantly growing their screen size. When it finally gave in (iPhone 6), it also released an iPhone SE with a 4″ screen. Today, it completely transitioned to phablets – the iPhone 8 has a 4.7″ screen, while the iPhone 8 Plus has a full-blown phablet-sized 5.5″ Retina HD display. Both of them are of the same size last year’s model had. While these screen sizes are perfect as they are for pretty much anything you want to do with them, it’s safe to assume that next year’s model will be similar.


The new iPhone came with Apple’s brand new, homegrown A11 Bionic 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip (SoC), and next year’s model will probably have its successor (likely to be called A12). The A11 had six processor cores, which seems too little at a time when even the more affordable phones have eight, so the next one will probably be an octa-core, paired with at least 4GB of RAM to keep up with the competition (as we all know, specs sells).


The iPhone X was the first Apple phone to have an OLED display. It was also the first one to come without a “Home” button (and no Touch ID). This decision was not very well received by the fans, though – so Apple might return to it with next year’s handset. OLED might be the Cupertino giant’s choice for a screen – but it might as well implement a 120Hz LCD display, similar to the ones on this year’s iPad Pro. Both possibilities are open at this point.

The small things

Each year, Apple changes some things and adds many others to its phones. This year, it was wireless charging and the dent in the top of the iPhone X’s display. There is no way to know what surprises the company has for us in the next – we’ll have to just wait and see.