Are the BBC planning to take on iTunes with own download service?

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According to some sources, the BBC is apparently planning their own download service, which would be similar to Apple’s iTunes and will run alongside the BBC iPlayer. It would also be more financially beneficial to content owners.

With iTunes being one of the most popular services on the market, the BBC are planning their own download service, which would allow users to download current content and archive content at a cost of £1.89 per show.

The new scheme, codenamed “Project Barcelona” is an attempt to monetize its library and offer programmes to users for a small fee. This also means that once you’ve bought an episode it’s yours forever, unlike the current BBC iPlayer service which lets you stream content for upto 30 days after it appears on TV.

There is a worry among independant studios however, that they might lose money because the scheme would cut into their DVD sales, but the BBC has promised that they’d receive a 40p share of the £1.89 fee. To put that into perspective, Apple currently only offers 28p per £1.89.

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