Asus M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 @ OverclockersHQ

“Asus has been making quality components for a number of years. For some it has been the go to company for components because they are rock solid and always quality. A somewhat new technology Asus is focusing on is their Xtreme Phase technology. Unlike their competitors they decided to go with unique phase angles as opposed to they use double phase angles which are not as efficient. So what does this mean to you? Most problems with poorly design motherboards is the power efficiency and distribution. Poor quality power or the wrong voltages can send your motherboard into a tail spin, Asus knows this and that is why they included their Xtreme Phase technology on their latest motherboards, it is utilized by hardware switching; when the load is medium to heavy it activates all the phase banks, when your load is less it will scale down to 4 phase banks.  Asus makes quality products because of their introduction of VRM technology and quality components to an already great board design. Today we will be looking at one of Asus’s Xtreme Design front runners: the Asus M4At85TD-V EVO Motherboard, coupled with the always welcome 785G Chipset for the AM3 platform. Let’s get a good look:”

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