ATi HD 4770 maybe hard to find

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Sources say that if ATi decide to launch the HD 4770 on April 28th, the demand for this card maybe too big for ATi to be able to cope. The 4770 is in great demand as it’s aimed at the budget market with it being priced at only $99; however its price doesn’t conflict with its performance. This is the first 40nm GPU on the market and is said to offer superb bang for the buck.

Apparently ATi will not be able to cope with the demand of the card in the first couple of weeks as they do not have enough RV740 GPU’s to be able to do a real world wide launch. Therefore, it’s likely it will be launched only on paper for many people.

However if you’re after one of these cards, ATi are set to ramp up the production soon after release to make sure there is plenty. I guess it’s just a waiting game now.