ATI Showcases DirectX 11

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First to show-off DirectX11 beta hardware was ATI at Computex last week running tessellation. However, tessellation isn’t anything new; in fact, it’s supported in most DirectX 10.1 graphics cards and even the Xbox 360.

Rumours are loose that ATI will be the first manufacturer on the block for DirectX 11 cards – Nvidia are set to release their DX11 compatible GT300 card very late this year or even early next year. Either way, sources say ATI will definitely be the first manufacturers of such card. This is certainly a shame for fan boys of Nvidia.

However, as with the release of DirectX10.1 cards – which ATI were also the first manufacturers for – we witnessed Nvidia having the faster cards overall and therefore winning more sales. So it might be worth waiting, but hopefully ATI can get it right first time round, then everyone’s happy.