BBC confirm “Project Barcelona” as new paid download service

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We recently reported about the rumoured paid download service called “Project Barcelona”, that the BBC were planning, and can now confirm that the service will be launching.

The codenamed download service, Project Barcelona, will allow users to view new and archived TV shows for around £1.89 per episode, a cost that the BBC called a “relatively modest fee”.

The service will most likely be closely related with the current BBC iPlayer service.

There were also concerns recently regarding how this service might affect DVD sales, but the BBC have rectified the situation by offering a larger 40p share of the download price, beating Apple who only offer a 28p share.

“This is not a second licence-fee by stealth or any reduction in the current public service offering from the BBC – it’s the exact analogy of going into a high-street shop to buy a DVD or, before that, a VHS cassette,” he said.

“For decades the British public has understood the distinction between watching Dad’s Army on BBC1 and then going out to buy a permanent copy of it. Barcelona is the digital equivalent of doing the second.”

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