Best business phone solutions

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If you’re looking for a business phone, finding the right handset can be tiring. There are so many competing products, all with unique features. Finding the best handset is down to what software you are used to using or have implemented through your business. Here are our top picks for business phone solutions.

Blackberry Curve      

Blackberry has been the go to business phone manufacturer for some time now. The Blackberry Curve’s full QWERTY keyboard is one of its biggest selling points, making it perfect for emailing, texting and business communications. Though the Blackberry Curve isn’t the most powerful handset on the market, it is a thoroughly reliable business phone solution that is highly affordable.

iPhone 4S

Even though the iPhone is a smartphone that is well suited to the average consumer market, it is an extremely powerful business device. The iPhone 4S can handle email, document editing, VOIP calling, instant messaging and content creation with ease, making it a fantastic comprehensive smartphone. The only real problem is most of its applications are not widely integrated in businesses, meaning that you may be better off with an Android handset.

Nokia Lumia

Many companies operate using windows software, meaning that choosing a handset that is directly integrated is always a great choice. The Nokia Lumia is a stylish and powerful device that can integrate well in a business environment. With the imminent release of Windows 8, we can expect to see even more windows handsets being used in the business market in the near future.

Galaxy S3

If you’re looking for an Android alternative to the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably your best bet. If your business works with Google products, an Android phone is most definitely the way to go. The S3 is definitely the best Android handset on the market, with a quad core processor that makes multi-tasking an absolute breeze. The huge screen is perfect for editing documents and writing emails as well as viewing media content and web browsing. The S3 isn’t the cheapest handset on the market, but if you want a high end handset for your business, this is a worthy investment.

Samsung Galaxy Beam

If you’re looking for a business handset that contains something truly novel, try the Samsung Galaxy Beam. This smartphone has an inbuilt projector, meaning you can project documents or slide shows with nothing but your mobile phone, making anywhere with a white wall a suitable venue for a presentation. The rest of the phone isn’t bad either, modelled loosely on the Galaxy S2.