Best Smartphones Under $100 For Mobile Gaming


Most people own a smartphone in some way, shape or form these days. They just seem so integral to everyday life as they’re a device that basically allows the user to do everything they’d ever need to do, from browsing the internet to playing games. Over the years the capabilities of smartphones have continued to grow at a rapid rate due to advancements in technology. As you’d imagine, with better devices now available for users, the prices have continued to rise too and some of the latest flagship phones are shockingly expensive, especially Apple’s latest iPhone X.

With this in mind, some developers have been keen to produce not only the more premium sort of handset that people have become accustomed to but also phones that are more reasonably priced. It’s definitely a tough ask for a company like Apple to develop iPhones for example that come in at $100 or less but plenty of manufacturers have been out there producing mid to lower ranging phones for quite some time, with the majority running on Android systems. The message is that just because the user may be on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good experience.

So here we take a look at exactly which phones you can pick up for less than $100 and why you’d want to in the first place…

Moto G Play

The Moto G Play by Amazon and it must be the Amazon version to get it for $99 is a truly remarkable phone in this budget price range. For that small fee you’ll get a smartphone which a couple of years ago you would have been expected to pay upwards of $500 for. The Moto G Play has a 5” HD, yes HD, display. On board is a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM. Bear in mind that a quad-core processor is standard in most flagship phones these days and 2GB RAM means the phone will run effortlessly even with a few apps open. There’s also 16B in built storage with the option of adding more memory via the Micro SD slot and there’s an 8 megapixel camera too that’s capable of taking great photos come rain or shine.

It’s a truly remarkable phone for less than $100 and the only drawback is that you will have to put up with a few Amazon ads and apps but as you’re saving yourself maybe $50, who’s going to complain at that? It’s a very good handset, packed full of features and there’s been no scrimping in its development as it’s the inclusion of ads that reduces its price.

ZTE ZMax Pro

The ZTE ZMax Pro is ideal for those users who love to get their hands on a big screen. It’s an ideal handset if you want to stream movies or TV shows or you want to enjoy mobile gaming in a bigger and better way. So users definitely won’t be left disappointed. To make things even better it’s a full HD display too, 1920 x 1080p.

Not only that but on board is an 8-core processor, yes that’s 8 cores of raw processing power, combined with a cool 2GB of RAM. If memory is something you’re concerned about look no further as there’s 32GB in built with the opportunity to expand even further thanks to the microSD slot.

There’s two excellent camera’s too. The front facing one is a nice 5MP for taking the perfect selfies and the rear is a great 13MO, there’s also a fingerprint scanner too. It really is a phone that delivers in all departments and for the price is an absolute steal. You can see why it has so many users.

Moto E

The Moto E has a screen in line with some of the iPhones on today’s market that measure up to 4.5”. Motorola is a company who always seem to deliver when it comes to the budget market and although they sometimes lack in features, they’re more than capable of holding their own while still retaining a very healthy buying price.

You’ll find a good 5 megapixel camera attached to this handset as well as 8GB worth of storage that you can improve on by adding your own microSD card. It’s ideal for those people who want to enjoy say mobile gaming but on a smaller handset where they’re not going to be bogged down with loads of in-built apps and features.

Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung are without doubt the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world and they were one of the flagship manufacturers, if not thee flagship manufacturer, who initially sought to provide not only premium handsets but quality budget devices too. They certainly deliver once again with the Galaxy On5 but did you expect any different?

The 5” display is 720p HD, the rear camera is 5MP and the front facing one is 2MP and that’s all just for starters. There’s the trademark Samsung Exynos quad-core processor powering the device with 1.5GB of RAM and expandable storage via microSD with 8GB of memory already in built. It’s a smartphone which delivers the essentials while looking like a flagship device. A great effort.

It’s not just the price that these handsets have in common. Yes, they’re all $100 and under but they all have the capability of delivering a great mobile gaming experience too. For some people, picking their smartphone out of their pocket to have a quick spin of the reels at their favourite casino is primarily what they’ve bought the actual device for in the first place.

What you tend to get with budget smartphones is that they have less features but they still have quality displays and powerful processors and that’s all that matters if you’re interested in playing mobile games or even in mobile casinos. As long as the phone does the essentials well, you really can’t complain at what you are getting for $100 or less, especially when a lot of the devices would have been worth 5 times that or more just a couple of years ago.