Britain will have best broadband in Europe by 2015

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Sean Williams, BT Group Director of Strategy and Policy and Portfolio, has recently confirmed that the UK is currently on track in its plans to have the fastest broadband connections in Europe by 2015.

The UK currently ranks at 15th in terms of overall speed with an average of just 5Mbs per second, which also means the UK was ranked as the 28th fastest internet connection.

The whole plan to boost Britain’s broadband to the fastest on the continent is currently being led by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who said in September that it was important the UK does not “make the same mistake in broadband that we made in railways – building our high-speed network 45 years after the French and 62 years after the Japanese.”

Williams has been reported to have said “We will be top of the major league, certainly if not by 2015 then by very soon after.”

Obviously, we’ll only be able to beat every other EU country as long as they aren’t planning a massive boost in broadband speeds, so although these plans sound great, by 2015 we’ll just be even further down the list…

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