BT Broadband goes down in UK

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BT Broadband went down for a few hours today, causing havoc with businesses, people’s home broadband and various wireless hotspots, all thanks to a power failure at a major exchange in Birmingham.

The outage began at around 1pm GMT, and almost immediately people took to social network Twitter to alert people and complain. The outage affected customers from Brighton, Llanwrda and other towns around the UK suggesting that the problem was widespread.

Garrett Murphy, from Northern Ireland, tweeted: “Major BT broadband fault happening in NI right now. Just seen ALL our BT BB clients go offline.”

Many customers also reported that they couldn’t get through to BT helplines.

The outage could have potentially caused thousands of pounds worth of losses for various businesses that rely on Internet services.

“Our engineers are on-site and the majority of customers’ service has already been restored. We are working to restore service to remaining customers as soon as possible this afternoon,” BT said.

“Should any customers continue to experience difficulty in accessing their broadband service, they are advised to turn their Hub or modem off and on again.”