BT Vision becomes UK’s fastest-growing pay-TV service

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BT and BSkyB are currently in the race to dominate the TV and broadband market in the UK, but BT have recently announced an accelerated rollout of a superfast network, which will definitely put them at the forefront of the UK TV and broadband market.

BT Vision have recently reported its strongest performance in two years, with over 40,000 new viewers in the third quater of 2011 comapred with the 26,000 for BSkyB in the same period. This is apparently the first quarter in which BT Vision has beaten its competitors BSkyB since launching in mid-2007.

BT Vision provides a much cheaper niche than BSkyB by combining Freeview channels with on-demand sport and films via broadband, as well as access to BBC iPlayer.

However, BSkyB currently have over 10 million satellite subscibers comapred with BT Visions 638,000 so there is quite a bit of catching up to do.

BT underlined its ambitions in multichannel TV, saying it intended to accelerate the rollout of its superfast broadband fibre network, allowing consumers to access TV and video on demand. It said that the network would cover two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2014, one year ahead of schedule.

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