Call of Duty Elite making its way to iPad and Android

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Thanks to the extremely popular mobile version of Call of Duty Elite, for iOS and Android, a tablet version is now in the works according to Activision.

The new tablet version, for iPad and Android, will apparently be a truly native and customised app; not just a port of the mobile version. This news comes as the mobile versions hits 2 million downloads since its launch.

The product director, Noah Heller, said:

“We’re working on the tablet app right now, I can’t tell you much about it but what I can tell you is that it will be a truly native, customised application for the tablet, it’s not just a simple port.”

“Once we saw how popular the mobile app was we realised, look we have to build something special for tablet.”

Whilst the new iPad and Android version has been confirmed, Heller was careful not to reveal too much when asked about the possibility of having live Heat Maps on the tablet version, which he didn’t rule out.

“It has been brought up before, I can’t say anything about it but it has been brought up before”

The new application will reportedly tie-in seamlessley with the Elite experience on PC, Mac, and the Xbox 360 app.

Regarding the new iPad, which we reviewed last week, if the file sizes of applications such as Garageband and iMovie have been increased because of the Retina Display, I’d hate to know how big the Call of Duty Elite app will be.

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