Chinese game console bears strong resemblance to Xbox One, PS4 designs

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The Chinese version of Kickstarter is currently home to the “Ouye.” It’s an Android-based console, developed by a company in Shenzhen, and looks almost exactly like an unbranded PS4 console with an Xbox One controller.


The Ouye is described as being more powerful than the, similarly named microconsole, Ouya, which was recently acquired by Razer.

With funding set at around $15,000, the company aren’t really asking for a great deal of funding. The console is expected to sell for around $70, and will include one controller.

The “unique design” of the Ouye has apparently taken over a year to be created as well. For some reason we don’t quite believe that.


It’s reported that the Ouye isn’t receiving very positive feedback though. Primarily due to the blatant design ripoff.

However with China lifting the ban on video game consoles for the first time in 15 years, it’s no surprise that consoles such as the Ouye are making an appearance.

Source: GameSpot