Classic Mac game “Glider” coming to iOS in the near future

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For those of you old enough to remember, I’m certainly not, the old-school Mac game “Glider”, you’re in luck because the developer says he’s ready to jump right back into the gaming industry after a long period working as an Apple Developer.

John Calhoun, the developer, has been working in Cupertino as an Apple programmer for the past 16 years after he pulled the plug on Glider way back in 1991.

The new and improved Glider will feature tab-based controls and will be a univeral app that runs natively on both the iPhone and iPad. The first release will see the iPhone 3GS and 3G iPod Touch become the minimum requirements to play the game, with earlier support to follow in future updates.

Calhoun has also said that Glider Classic will be released in the Mac App Store at some point as well.

The game looks kind of like a massive update to the already popular game “iCopter”, which has done extremely well in the App Store.

Glider Classic should be available later in the week on the App Store.