No Consolation For Consoles: Why PC Gaming Will Never Die Out

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It’s no secret that some people prefer consoles over PCs for gaming and vice-versa. Games consoles are often seen in most people’s homes. But is it rare to spot a gaming PC somewhere in a friend or family member’s household?

It turns out that PC gaming isn’t as rare as you might think. In fact, more people are ditching their consoles and turning to their personal computers to play the latest games. That’s not exactly great news for companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

So why is it that more people are turning to their PCs to play the top games on the planet? In today’s blog post, I decided to do some research. Check out this compiled list of reasons why the humble old PC will never fade away from the gaming world!


Keyboards and mice are better controllers

The one thing that annoys me about console controllers is that they aren’t too clever at doing things you want them to do. You can press those little buttons all you want, but there always seems to be an element of delayed reaction.

Some folks might attribute this problem to the controllers having a wireless connection. The thing is; this problem was around even when controllers were all wired to consoles!

By now you might be thinking that I’m just rubbish at playing computer games, or that I have some kind of arthritis going on with my hands. But I’d like to point out that I’m not the only person that finds console controllers annoying. In fact, you only have to do a quick Google search to see what I mean.

With a PC, you would have a keyboard and mouse of some description. Some PC gamers are happy to use standard issue keyboards and mice. Whereas others prefer to splash out on “gaming-friendly” models that look the part too.

When you use a keyboard and mouse as your controllers, you can make precise and instant decisions. Even wireless keyboards and mice work great too. I own a few games consoles and have a gaming PC. And I have to say; I will always stick to using my gaming rig than my consoles if I can help it!

PCs offer better graphics potential

As a PC gamer, the world is your oyster when it comes to gaming graphics. For obvious reasons, you would not use your motherboard’s built-in graphics. For many years, gamers have been able to fit some pretty beefy graphic cards inside of their PCs.

Today’s modern motherboards allow you to install two PCI-e graphics cards and link them together. That means you have two GPUs to produce some awesome gaming graphics on your display!

The RAM clock speeds on graphics cards are getting faster every year. Coupled with a decent amount of on-board RAM, these cards will take to task even the best console graphics out today!

The trouble with console graphics is that you’re stuck with whatever got soldered to the motherboard. That leads me onto the next point…

You can upgrade a PC

Open up your favourite console and tell me what it is you can upgrade? Not much is the answer! OK, there is always the hard drive but even then you can only use specific models. Try to use any other make or model, and you’ll discover that you’ve just bought a paperweight.

Everything else is proprietary in consoles. If your console’s optical drive is dead, you can only replace it with the same type. You can’t upgrade the RAM, CPU, GPU or motherboard in a console.

It’s a pretty simple reason why that is so. Console makers don’t want customers “modding” their consoles. And they only want to allow specific upgrades to get carried out through a limited supply chain.


That sucks, right? The good news is that PC gamers don’t have to suffer from such issues. The architecture of PC components comprises of industry-standard parts. So if you want to upgrade your RAM, and your motherboard can offer the extra capacity, you can just slot in some new modules.

Need more disk space? You can upgrade your hard drive to a bigger capacity. Or you could add a few more hard drives if you want. What if you want a speedy data source? You have the option to ditch your hard drive and upgrade to a flash-based SSD instead!

The scope for upgrades doesn’t end there. If you are bored with the way your case looks, you can always transplant your PC parts into a new one without any issue.

You can have your own gaming PC custom-built for you

With games consoles, you have to stick with what the console maker has designed. But what if you want a bespoke gaming solution? Let’s face it; some folks wouldn’t have a clue on how to build their own computer.

In those cases, it’s best to have your gaming PC custom-built for you by a professional. Websites like let you choose the spec you want, and they take care of everything else for you.

They are also good for people that want to buy custom-built gaming PCs for their relatives. I know I’d love it if someone gave me a new gaming rig for Christmas or my birthday!

PC upgrades are cheaper than buying new consoles

As I mentioned earlier, there is little scope for upgrading certain parts in a console. For the most part, you have no choice, but to upgrade to a newer model.

If you have a gaming PC and want to upgrade certain parts, you can do so without needing to buy a whole new computer! That’s one of the main reasons why people prefer gaming PCs over consoles.

As a result, it becomes clear that it’s cheaper to upgrade than it is to pay for an entire replacement.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article on gaming PCs vs. consoles. I’m off to play some games on my PC now… See you later!