Creating a Slideshow with Music Using Movavi Slideshow Maker


Are you trying to create a slideshow but aren’t really sure how to go about it or are dissatisfied with the result so far? As you may be starting to realize there is more to creating a slideshow than just compiling photos in the right sequence, and other elements such as music have an important part to play.

One of the easiest ways to create a slideshow with music quickly is with the help of Movavi Slideshow Maker. Using it as a slideshow maker with music is simple and straightforward, and it will let you add various other audiovisual elements as well.

To get started all you need to do is launch Movavi Slideshow Maker and choose the mode that you want to use. If you’d like to quickly compile a slideshow with music and animated transitions – choose the ‘Easy mode’. On the other hand if you want more features and greater control, select the ‘Full feature mode’.

Easy Mode

Needless to say, creating a slideshow with music in Movavi Slideshow Maker’s ‘Easy Mode’ is very simple – and you just need to use the 5 tabs to do so. In the ‘Files’ tab you can first add images to your slideshow and arrange them in the right order, then in the ‘Music’ tab you can select the background music that you want to go along with your slideshow.

Similarly in the ‘Transitions’ tab you can select a style of animated transition to place between all your slides, before going to the ‘Preview’ tab to see how it looks. In that tab you’ll also be able to select ‘Fit to frame’ to make sure there are no black bars on the sides of the images, and ‘Fit to music length’ so that the slideshow matches the length of the background music you selected.

Once all that is done you can head to the ‘Export’ tab and click ‘Save the video’ to have Movavi Slideshow Maker save it.

Full Feature Mode

In contrast to the ‘Easy mode’, Movavi Slideshow Maker’s ‘Full feature mode’ uses a timeline-based interface similar to video editors, and you can add images, background music, or even videos to your slideshow by clicking ‘Add Media Files’. All the media files that you add will appear in the ‘Timeline’ where you can then edit and add to them further.

Make no mistake there are lots more options in Movavi Slideshow Maker’s ‘Full feature mode’ and it will let you add animated transitions between specific slides, insert text elements, enhance the quality of media, apply creative filters and effects, and more. All these features are intuitive, and you should have no problem applying them to your slideshow.

All in all regardless of the option you choose it is safe to say that creating a slideshow with music will be a piece of cake using Movavi Slideshow Maker. With a bit of creativity you could come up with some really unique and interesting videos that really stand out.