Dario, from LabStyle, is a Personal Diabetes Management Smartphone App

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Dario is a sophisticated diabetes management application, from LabStyle. The system allows Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics to test their blood sugar levels directly on the mobile app. The Dario Meter, which plugs into mobile devices, is pocket-sized and compatible with both iOS and Android.

The pocket-sized solution for monitoring your diabetes records your entire diabetes history to indicate how your sugars change. The app also has the ability to count your carbs, log your meals and keep a foods database for you. As well as these great features the app can also notify a caregiver when potentially life-threatening activity is detected.


Application Features

  • Automatic Download and Synchronization of Meter Results
  • Statistics Snapshot
  • Personalized Logbook
  • Track Your Meals
  • Personal Dashboard & Statistics
  • Trend Charts
  • Control and Share Your Data
  • Your Data at Your Fingertips

Dario Smart Meter

The All-in-One Smart Meter is a compact glucose monitoring solution that includes a disposable test strip cartridge and a lancing device – all whilst fitting comfortably in your pocket.

Smart Meter – Features

  • Plugs into smart mobile device without the need for additional cords or cables
  • Fast – entire blood glucose metering process takes only 6 seconds
  • Accurate – highly accurate results with tiny blood sample
  • Pocket-sized meter – forget about those bulky pouches and fanny packs
  • No battery – never run out of power and environmentally-friendly

The Smart Meter works with almost any mobile device, and also automatically syncs with the Dario application every time the Smart Meter is connected. All information is stored in the cloud as well, meaning that your information is safe and can easily be transferred to a new device if necessary.

Web Portal

The cloud-based software for the Dario application is state-of-the-art according to Dario and connects the user, caregiver and a healthcare professional anywhere in the world. It is via the diabetes management platform that all of your diabetes related information is recorded and tracked, and provides an easy way to share your profile with people you trust.


The Dario All-in-One package, which includes the blood glucose meter, lancing device and storage space for test strips, costs £24.99 and is also available through the NHS.

If you’re just after the blood glucose meter, then you’ll be able to pick up the Dario Lite for just under £15.

To purchase either of these you can visit Advanced Therapeutics for more information.