Don’t Be The Sloppy Silicon Valley Team – Stay Organized With These Methods!


We all know the stereotype. Technology-savvy young men and women developing together in a cramped house huddled over laptops, coding, and recoding in an effort to produce the best new software development tool that is bound to take the internet world by storm. The tech world is filled with beautiful and interesting innovation that truly makes the mind boggle about how much creative talent could be jammed into one spot.


The spot in question? Silicon Valley. It is the dream of any software developer to one day have an idea worthy enough to enter the hallowed halls of its apartment-led graduate economy. All of the people there are hoping to strike the next big digital oil well, crafting for themselves a digital empire worthy of envy from afar.


If this sounds like you, then congratulations! Having such a lofty goal can keep you occupied and satisfied for some time. However, the stereotype also has an amusing, if slightly offensive other side – the sloppy silicon valley team. While the time constraints and rental constraints are quite high in such a prestigious location, it’s instructive to understand that developing in your own time can lead to an energy-drink fuelled, pizza-ordering and buddy-buddy atmosphere that can hamper your creative process. Even if it fuels your creative process,  this form of casual work can have a direct effect on the ability of your business to execute its ideas in the actual marketplace.


Don’t be that team. Get disciplined, and get yourself together. Who knows what you could accomplish? Here are a few tips for doing so:


Stay On Schedule


Draw up a schedule for when you want to approach the investors in your market with your famed idea and stick to it. You have a number of important items to fill out before you get your software to a stage of completion, and even then numerous testing considerations and bug searches/fixes must be implemented before you can confidently take your software out of its alpha and beta releases.


Stick to this schedule, and you will be able to prioritize the workload and stay on top with your finances. There is nothing worse than a promising creative idea falling flat because of its lack of funding. Steer clear of this fate by exercising a little financial wisdom now.


Use Reliable Backup Software


Much worse than funds running out is your build being lost. Make sure you save your progress every single step of the way. Use your own personal servers to keep a solid copy of the build you are developing, save it in secure cloud locations using a VPN, and make sure that you save it on many physically secured DVD’s and storage devices.


Test Every Step Of The Way

Using jira test case management is by far the most popular way of keeping on top of testing and workflow considerations. This can not only keep your team together and working in cohesion, but it can provide up-to-the-minute metadata to help you understand if your software package is working as it should or if it could use further work. You’ll only know if you implement a professional test case management package like this, and it can certainly take the fear of making a mistake from your mind, allowing you to embed your creative talents elsewhere.