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    Dr Dr I Have iPad Shoulder…

    Rhys - March 19th, 2012 12:09 PM

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Technology seems to get lighter, smaller and easier to use, but this has caused the problem of neck and shoulder injuries. Leading shoulder and RSI doctor, Tony Kochhar, sees more than 20 patients a week for the ‘iPad Shoulder’. ‘Holding the tablet lower down means users have to gaze downwards more sharply. This is increasing the pressure on their joints’, says Kochhar.

According to Shoulder Doctor Kochhar, this incremental and detrimental pain is also applicable to mobile phones being held between ear and shoulder, and constant texting and messaging on new handheld devices.

Tony Kochhar’s top 5 tips on how to avoid strain and injury:

1. Correct posture – don’t hunch over your iPad – the screen should be at the level of your face, ideally

2. Take regular breaks

3. Do some gentle stretching every hour to stretch the neck and shoulders

4. If you are not using a stand with your iPad, remember to switch the arm that is holding the iPad

5. Look out for telltale signs of iPad shoulder – aching over one side of the back of the shoulder blade or pain down the upper arm

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