EA investigating possible backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games

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In response to a fan on Twitter, EA have stated that they’re “investigating adding backwards compatible EA games to EA Access in the Future. Stay tuned.” They’ve also reportedly said that the games may be available for free! Great news for those of you who want to reminisce and experience classics such as Battlefield 2 and Dead Space.

This means that EA Access could be the place to go to grab Xbox One versions of Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 2 and many other Xbox 360 titles come November.

Microsoft has previously announced that the Xbox One will support some Xbox 360 games, thanks to an upcoming software update. This means that all EA has to do is ask Redmond HQ to OK their free software giveaway plans.

We’re not sure what titles will be available or how many will theoretically be added to the EA Access Vault, but we could see titles such as Dragon Age, Rock Band and even Mass Effect 3.

Which Xbox 360 games would you like to see on the Xbox One?

Source: TechRadar