eBay opening UK high street store

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The Internet auction giants, eBay, are to move their success to the streets in a five-day trial period in December.

However, no items will actually be for sale. If you do visit the store, you’ll just be greeted with the site’s 200 most popular auction items, which potential shoppers can then purchase using the QR codes listed next to the item.

Basically, this isn’t really a shop at all, it’s just a big marketing ploy although I’m not too sure why eBay feel the need to bring in any new customers.

As well as showcasing the top 200 most popular auction items, you’ll be able to browse the entire eBay catalogue on the eight in-store tablet PCs.

The new, for five days only, eBay shop will be open on Dean Street, just off Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road between December 1st and December 5th.

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