eSports Betting Proving a Big Hit


eSports Betting Proving a Big Hit

For those that aren’t traditionally tech-savvy, eSports is often cited as the most popular sport that they have never heard of before. Ask the average person in the street about DotA (Defense of the Ancients), League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive and you will likely be greeted with a puzzled look. But, as most gamers will testify, eSports has a huge following and looks ready to move into the mainstream sports market. In fact, eSports got a massive boost in 2017 when it was announced by the Olympic Council of Asia that eSports would be a medal event in the 2022 Asia Games. Yes, that’s right, gamers will be standing on podiums collecting medals alongside Asia’s best athletes.

As so often is the case with anything that becomes both competitive and popular, bookmakers have jumped on the eSports bandwagon too. The vast majority of online bookmakers will offer betting on the main eSports, namely LOL, CS:GO, DotA II and Starcraft II. As the popularity of eSports has surged, so has the numbers of gamers having a bet on the action.

How to Place a Bet on eSports

If you keep up to date with eSports, you will be aware that there is always a tournament or series of league matches taking place somewhere in the world. Like any other sport, these can vary in terms of prestige and coverage. Also like regular sports, the betting can be broken down into outright markets or head to head matches. For example, Betway, one of the leading bookmakers for eSports betting, currently offer markets for the outright winner of ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018 (CS:GO) and will also have markets for the individual matches in the tournament.

Breaking that down further, and using CS:GO again as an example, betting on individual matches offers all the types of markets you would expect in regular sports betting: match winner, maps (sets) betting, handicaps, correct score etc. Another interesting aspect to note is that live in-play betting on eSports has become the norm as so many people watch the action online. Gaming fans can thus use their expertise to react to events in the match, placing bets in real time as the action unfolds.

Tool Up with the Right Knowledge Before You Bet

As ever, knowledge is the key to making successful bets on gaming tournaments. As the industry has grown, so has the wealth of insider information available to those wishing to use it. It is always crucial to check out the latest eSports betting tips for online bettors before you commit you to opening your wallet. That way, you can use your gaming knowledge alongside the insights of those who are experts in betting.

Clearly, the growth in eSports has been nothing short of remarkable. There is even an argument that it will one day overtake traditional sports in terms of scope and popularity. Whether that occurs remains to be seen, but its ever-evolving nature lends itself to drawing in even more fans and more growth. Bookmakers will inevitably follow the expansion, leading to more markets and better coverage. That’s pretty good news for gamers who like to have a bet on their favourite eSports.