Extremely cheap data for your iPad using Giffgaff

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With current data plans for your iPad, here in the UK, being so ridiculous and varied, it’s hard to know which plan is best suited to you. Well, Giffgaff, a super-cheap phone network, have launched their own internet options, called Gigabags, for the iPad and I must say, they are pretty good!

Giffgaff plans are as follows:

  • 500MB of data – £5.00
  • 1GB of data – £7.50
  • 3GB of data – £12.50

You also receive a free 50MB buffer just in case you run over your limit.

And if you use all of your data, you’ll only be charged 2p per MB until the end of your month-long Gigabag period.

Compared with Orange, who currently offer a daily 200MB pass for £2.00, a weekly 1GB pass for £7.50 and a 3GB monthly pass for £15, the Giffgaff deal is pretty good.

If we take a look at O2’s plans though:

  • 200MB – £2.04 / Daily
  • 1GB – £10.21 over 30 days, recurring
  • 2GB – £15.32 over 30 days, recurring

As you can see, O2’s deals are pretty expensive when compared with Giffgaff’s.

About Giffgaff

Now, most of you will have probably never heard of Giffgaff and would probably stay away because you nothing about them.

However, they have a wide range of customers and even use O2’s network to provide their service. You’ll most likely not have heard about them because they rely on word of mouth instead of advertising, therefore saving them one hell of a lot of money!

Giffgaff are by far the cheapest out there at the moment and we suggest you share this article so more people will read about them! 😉