FlipHTML5 Stunning Magazines for Marketing

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People spend a lot of time online these days.


That’s why many marketers and publishers have shifted their focus from traditional print advertisements to digital ads and publications, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.


It’s also why most people have begun getting their news online through the websites of newspapers, magazines, and TV news stations, rather than directly from those sources in their original media. It’s just easier — you can more easily find articles about topics you want, or reference something you read a while ago simply by searching for it again.


While ads and articles published online are great in many respects, like the ability to quickly share information, there’s something you just can’t beat about being able to physically touch an ad, magazine, or newspaper. And that’s why, despite the growth in online use, people still take the time to buy physical copies of their favourite publications.


But what if you could combine the two? Fortunately, there is a way to try to do just that.


FlipHTML5, sometimes called HTML5 flipbooks or just flipbooks, is a newer technology that allows the user to turn PDFs, photos, text, and other files into something amazing. Flipbooks made using this software are totally digital, but behave like the paper-bound books that we were used to using before everything started going digital.


There are all kinds of different software out there that can be used to create these flipbooks:


  • flipgorilla


  • AnyFlip


  • Pageflip 5


  • FlipHTML5


  • Many more



But regardless of the software you use, the process is essentially the same each time. Simply take PDFs of all the pages you want in your flipbook, and the software will bind them all together into something that resembles a book.


The best part is interacting with the book once it’s created — you can turn pages just like a paper book, but there also are so many things you can add that wouldn’t be possible or practical with a paper book. This includes adding videos or audio to your flipbook, including links within the copy, easier sharing, and more.


When you think about this technology, your mind probably automatically goes to full-length books as standing to benefit the most. And sure, the software is great for creating interesting eBooks, magazines, guides, and other longer-form content of that nature.


In fact, those are some of the best things to create using the software, because it allows you to recreate the traditional experience we have with those types of content. But you also can create all kinds of other content, especially marketing pieces.


Some ideas for using this tech include creating beautifully-made product launch ads that detail all the important parts of your product, marketing brochures (click here for free templates!), professional portfolios for personal or company use, leaflets, catalogues, and so much more.


The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and create something beautiful.