How Gadgets Have Changed Our Emergency Services For The Better

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Whatever your opinion of the emergency service, you can’t deny that many of them work their hardest to keep us all safe. From catching burglars to putting out fires and saving lives, the men and women of the emergency services work tirelessly to make the country a safer place. With the world of technology changing rapidly, it has now become a career path that relies heavily on the latest gadgets. We look at how some of these gadgets have changed our emergency services, for the better.


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Tiny Video Cameras

Worn mainly by the police, but also other emergency service workers, these tiny little cameras have become a Godsend. No longer do courts have to rely on ‘word of mouth’ evidence, as these body-worn cameras can capture all of the action, as it happens. Normally used to catch people in the act, as well as prove innocence, a tiny video camera has changed the emergency services for the better; although many criminals wouldn’t agree.

Mechanical CPR Machines

These clever devices are being rolled out in modern ambulances recently, and they’re vital for saving lives. Paramedics can now let this machine carry out chest compressions, whilst their hands are free to work on other emergency procedures. This gadget can work out a patient’s height and weight, in order to deliver exactly the right amount of pressure and compressions by minute. According to research, this machine increases the chance of survival by 35% compared to traditional methods.


The weapons that emergency services personnel use nowadays have come on a long way from what they used to be. Tasers are probably the biggest technological advancement, as well as the most controversial. All sorts of shooting equipment have been upgraded, including the ammunition (45 auto ammo for example); thus making it easier for the police force to deal with the most complicated and dangerous of situations. Although we may not agree with the use of weapons, the advancements here have helped save millions of lives.

Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAV)

Originally used by the military, in places such as Iraq, the UAV has since been adopted by the emergency services. A UAV is a small and quiet drone fitted with a camera; useful for monitoring situations that would have been inaccessible before. It’s not just to spy on the general public, however, as most of the time a UAV is used to help find missing persons.

Electrical Tester

Many people think that a fireman’s job is to put out a burning house, and, therefore, all they need is a hose, but there’s far more to it than that. Electrical testers have saved many emergency service men and women, by alerting the fire service to live wires. A cost effective and lightweight tool, this can help determine whether the electricity needs to be cut off, or avoided, in emergency situations.

Gadgets are constantly changing the world; sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. However, we can’t deny what a positive impact the latest technology has had on the emergency services and their ability to save lives. Who knows what the next few decades could bring?