Game Pricing to Be Unified Throughout Europe

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Whilst we may never see games prices as low as they are in America, the European Union has taken one step in the right direction by working to create a single market for Europe. They have been proposing this for some time now, but have voiced that they want this in place by late 2016. This means that the prices of digital games throughout Europe will be unified.

This will only affect purchases of digital games, so if you purchase a game in a shop of course this won’t change anything. However it does mean if you purchase anything from Xbox Live, PSN, Steam or another digital distributor, you would be asked to pay the same price throughout all EU countries.

“The Digital Single Market initiative seeks to provide an unfettered European market for digital goods and services across all its 28 member states,” said the European Commission. “Simplified and modern rules for online and digital cross-border purchases will encourage more businesses to sell online across borders and further develop digital markets such as games.”

Alongside this, a new broadband standard is being put in place so that by 2020 30mbps would be the internet standard for all citizens and with 50% of Europeans having access to 100mbps.

“Among the 13 specific goals set in the Digital Agenda, the further development and extension of broadband coverage in Europe is explicitly emphasised with the aims of the EU being covered nationwide by broadband above 30 Mbps by 2020 and 50% of the EU to be subscribed to broadband above 100 Mbps by 2020”.

This is all very exciting and will undoubtedly be a boost to all online services. I especially look forward to the upgrade from my current 2mbps connection to 30mbps.

Thanks go to European Commission for providing us with this news.

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