Google Chrome soon to be more popular than Mozilla Firefox

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Word has it that Google Chrome is slowly sneaking up on Mozilla Firefox getting ready to pounce and take second place, behind Internet Explorer, as the second most popular web browser.

Data released by StatCounter tells us that Google Crhome has grown in use by over 50% and will fly by Mozilla’s Firefox by December 2011. According to the same data, Chrome also has a global user share of 23.6%, with Firefox at 26.8%, and for some unknown reason Internet Explorer is still in the lead with a massive 41.7%!

I’m not actually too sure why people still use Internet Explorer, it doesn’t work properly, doesn’t comply with various web standards and it’s just slow and buggy, but apparently that’s what’s needed to become the leader in web browsing?!

Since the beginning of this year, Firefox and Internet Explorer’s market share have both dropped 13% and 9%, respectively, whilst Google Chrome has increased.

What’s your browser of choice? Are you temped to swap by any of them? Let us know in the comments below.