Google replace Android Market with Google Play Store

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Google announced yesterday that the they’re abandoning the Android Market name, and the Market will now be called the Google Play Store.

The shock announcement has revealed that there will actually be four different stores. Games and apps will be stored in the Google Play Store, music in Play Music, movies in Play Movies and books will be sold in Play Books.

Now, this seems a little odd to have four different stores for your content, even Apple doesn’t have that many with the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store.

The new store/s will be on all Google-powered smartphones and tablets as well as Google TV.

Google are apparently trying to compete against Apple’s iCloud portal, by allowing Android users to purchase content on one device and then have it instantly appear on their other devices.

All Android smartphone and tablet users should see the change within the next few days, with the Android Market icon replaced with the new Google Play Store icon.

However, the change will only happen for users running Android 2.2 and above.

Here’s a short video about Google Play.


What are your thoughts on the name / store change? Did Google really need to split one store in to four? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.