Google Wallet Finally Released

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Some of you may have heard about one of Google’s many ideas, this one is Google Wallet. Announced a few months ago, Google Wallet enables smartphone users, whose phones take advantage of near-field communication (NFC) technology, to pay for everyday things such as taxi fares, clothes shopping or even your restaurant bill.

With deals held with both Mastercard and Visa, you’ll be able to use your phone to pay for pretty much anything! Not only does Google Wallet support credit cards, it also allows you to use coupons and discount cards with it.

However, the service is currently limited to owners of Sprint Nexus S 4G phones and the stores or taxis need to have NFC terminals installed, which are pretty rare at the best of times. With rumours of NFC technology also being implemented into the iPhone 5, we’re sure that Google Wallet will eventually be available to most NFC capable smartphones around the world.

Check out this video of Google Wallet in action. Obviously, it probably won’t work as well as in the video but it’s still pretty damn cool!