Here’s How To Keep Your Business Mobile and Ever-Present in the 21st Century

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Your business nowadays will be less restricted than ever. There are plenty of emerging options to ensure that your business is not only not limited to a storefront, but also so that your business is not limited to your laptop, phone or tablet.




Customer service can be operated from anywhere you are located via the use of Twitter and Facebook. You can set ‘hours of operation’ and be available to answer questions anywhere you can use a computer or phone to log in. This could be from anywhere in the world as long as you stick to the promised hours of operation. Applications like LinkedIn will also allow you to perform business networking via your phone and even perform actions like recruitment and self-promotion.


Selling products does require a physical presence via a home or a warehouse. As long as you have access to a warehouse you can order the dispatch and sale of goods via a cloud service marketplace where everything will integrate smoothly if linked with third-party applications.


The cloud also offers some services and you should consider turning away from paper and filing cabinets and using apps like Dropbox and Google Drive to complete administration tasks and keep records of transactions. There’s no reason invoices should be posted and you should endeavour to organise your admin so everything goes through your email accounts and online cloud storage.


Accounting software like QuickBooks can help you balance the books from your location and ensure you are keeping to budget. In fact, there’s probably an app or piece of software for any task imaginable. You can get software that can keep you productive with the Pomodoro Technique, apps that will help you organise your day and personal assistants like Cortana, Google Now and Siri that do exactly as described and will have your back when you don’t have the resources to hire your own.


Also, if you have employees or need to attend meetings, you can keep in constant communication with apps like Whatsapp or Skype. Should you ever need to interview potential new employees, you could also use Skype to arrange a video call. The internet offers solutions for almost every single business issue that could arise.



These are the benefits that owning a business in the 21st century brings. A constantly open and operating storefront and the ability to be mobile. You are capable of operating your business from anywhere with an internet connection and even if you don’t want to globetrot, you can still be pretty mobile and move around as you please. What the internet offers to you, as business owner, is freedom and choice. You are free to operate your business as you please and the cloud and the tools that the internet can offer to you only exist to serve you as the business owner. The internet offers an answer to your issues and is not only full of tools, but is also a library of information. It’s time for you to utilize it correctly and use it to slingshot your business to success.