How much will the Apple iPad 3 cost?

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The pricing of Apple’s products is always one of the popular talking points when Apple unveil new products, and the same can be said for the Apple iPad 3. With a whole range of new features being implemented, which you can read about here, the pricing for the new iPad 3 is a mystery to everyone. Some have suggested that it will cost more, but some new sources have suggested that the pricing will remain the same as the current Apple iPad 2.

A number of recent rumours suggested that the new Apple iPad 3 could have as much as $80 slapped on top of the current base price of $499 (£399). However, new information has suggested that the pricing structure for all of the new models will remain identical to that of the iPad 2.

New features such as the Retina Display, bigger battery, faster processor and additional graphics processing are sure to have bumped up the manufacturing costs of the new Apple iPad 3.

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