How Older People Use The Internet


More people within the older generation use the internet today than at any time before. With that in mind, we wanted to take a quick look at just some of the ways in which seniors occupy themselves online these days. At the bottom of this article, there is an infographic that contains all the information you need to know. Hopefully, we’ll set the record straight and shed some light on the situation today.


As there are so many different movie and TV streaming services online these days, it’s no wonder that seniors use the internet to keep themselves entertained. Netflix and Amazon Prime are some of the top choices for those who enjoy lounging around in their living rooms taking in some of the latest productions.

Social Media

Believe it or not, most of the seniors who use the internet have now become familiar with social networking websites – mainly thanks to their grandkids. That’s right folks, many of the grandmothers and grandfathers today are social media savvy. You can probably find them watching viral videos of cats doing funny things as they scroll through their newsfeeds.

Online Shopping

Everyone loves a bargain, and that is the case regardless of age. So, it makes sense that many older adults now use the internet to find the best deals. Also, many seniors have mobility issues, and so online shopping assists them in remaining independent.
Now you know how most seniors use the internet; you can encourage any elderly relatives to follow suit. The online world is for everyone these days, not just the young.

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